Melissa Wishart

The Body

Life, emotion, feeling

Since I was 17 I have been regularly life-drawing.
There is nothing like drawing the body to connect you to life

Oil paintings


'Painting is but another word for feeling'

Constable wrote this.

It is true.

You have to give yourself to the act. Let things pass through and you make your mark. That way the mark has integrity.

The stick of charcoal and the paint respond to this intention and energy. 

This was my wall when I discovered life-drawing at 17

with Roy Oxlade

1000s of drawings later....

Charcoal is a blessed friend when it comes to looking, seeing, working things out....
Like the sea, the body is about energy and movement. What we see on the surface can give us a clue to the vastness under it. Art is about connection with the immutable. Most keenly felt in the moment.

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Body & Movement

Bodies are where we live. They are wonderfully expressive. 
For many years I have worked with dancers and film. I love working with a moving camera and a moving body - it is a dance in itself.