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For many years I worked in documentary television as production manager, then producer. I had a small independent production company in Edinburgh pitched programme ideas to broadcast commissioners, got commissions and delivered programmes on time and to budget. When pregnant with my second child, I had the opportunity due to European funding in Glasgow, to train as a director and subsequently worked as director camera, filming for television. I was increasingly interested in working with dancers, artists and actors and was commissioned to collaborate on site specific work and also to produce large scale video projections in theatre spaces. Some of this was Arts Council funded and meant I could be more experimental.

I also produced, shot and edited artist videos.

In 2008 I chose to work  predominantly as a painter but I returned in 2017-18 to do postgrad studies in Documentary Film and TV at University of the West of England and was awarded Post Graduate Cert with Merit. Below is a short film I made about Tania Harvey a silversmith whose work I admire and the medium of silver with its reflective properties of light.

Am interested to hear from anyone who wishes to collaborate on a film/moving image project. I am currently exploring shooting with an i-phone 11 pro with an extraordinary bendy, magnetic Joby tripod!

large scale Video ProJections

Influx Dance Company had been given Arts Council funding to collaborate with a film-maker and I was commissioned to work with them and we made large scale video projection work drawing on the imagery of natural forms (with a nod to Georgia O'Keefe) and the fluidity found mixing oil and ink with water and light. There was a series of public performances at Tacchi Morris Arts Centre.

Other dancers and actors I have collaborated with on video productions:  Pip Utton, David Chandler and Indepen-dance

ontogenesis from melissa on Vimeo.


5 minute documentary shot mainly on a DSLR and edited on Avid as part of my post grad studies  in Documentary Film at UWE 2017
Tania Harvey works with silver in her studio, beating, burnishing, heating the silver  to make a stunning piece of jewellery.